About Us

Nefertiti Group Ltd

Nefertiti Group LTD was founded in 2015 by Peggy Tang. Company headquarter and showroom are located in Hong Kong with factory located in Dongguan, China.
Nefertiti specialized in design and manufacture trendy products, such as fashion jewelry, hair accessories, handbag, wallet, belts, key chains, bag accessories, and cold weather accessories. Our products and services have been highly recognized and appreciated by clients around the world.

Nefertiti provides one stop solution for each customer. From product design, sample development, manufacturing, quality control, to logistics arrangement, we can satisfy each customer’s unique demand.

Design & Product Development: Fashion jewellery and handbag designer Ruthi Orlin from UK joined Nefertiti in 2015 as Design Director. Ruthi has elevated Nefertiti’s design capabilities to a new standard, and enabled our team to capture precisely about each customer’s demand and develop samples efficiently. Currently Nefertiti has 3 Senior Designers and 15 Technicians specialized in metal components, hand-made jewelry, and handbag.

Quality Assurance & Order Management: With our experienced Design, Merchandising and QA Teams, we are able to provide efficient services and quality products with competitive pricing to our clients, which includes department stores, specialty brands and retailers, wholesalers, as well as local concession stores.

We launched our ERP system to further provide solid foundation to our standard operating procedures and ensure consistency and traceability.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Nefertiti is actively involved with the development of environmentally friendly solutions for our clients to reduce our carbon footprint. We have access to water-based PU, chrome-free genuine leather, bio-degradable PE, PVC and Nylon materials for  our products and packaging, thanks to our innovative business partner KhaiEL. For more information: www.KhaiEL.com.

Our Clients: